1st ever article.

Yes, this is my first ever article, in fact, I started this blog by mistake! All the credit goes to a friend called joëlle, who started her own blog (joevstheworld.wordpress.com), and I was motivated by her articles.. Anyway, I’m jay, a 20 y.o lebanese guy, who’s suffering to make a bright future for himself in a country where both economy and politics are moving BACKWARDS!
You probably noticed the handle, and thought this blog is only about nagging or whatever.. but no! This blog was made to write about the infinite negative things happening in Lebanon, in a sarcastic way..
But not only that, I’m obviously here to write down some thoughts about the world we’re living in..
I hope my blog won’t be as boring as most of the blogs out there.. And If someone’s reading this, stay tuned, because I’ve got so much in mind to write about in the upcoming articles!
P.s: English is not my main language, so I apologise if any grammar faults occur in my writing.


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