Lebanese public transportation

Greetings everyone, since we’re doing well in Tourism lately, I’m gonna talk about the perfect (yea right) public transportation that we have in Lebanon..
Apparently, superheroes drive us to our different destinations daily.. YES, lebanese taxi drivers! They’re our heroes! They have Batman/ spiderman/ Thor/ the hot woman who dresses like a cat/..etc, But no. We don’t care about that in here.. with the presence of taxi drivers, we feel safe. Let me tell you why They are this great..
In here, everytime u take a cab or as we call it “service”, the taxi driver will tell u his lifetime story and how he  ended up of being a taxi driver, while he’s imitating an F1 driver, and switching gears like he’s in a Nascar race.. Almost all stories have the same subject : “I started my CAREER as a taxi driver because I don’t wanna take orders from others, I’m my own boss”
Yup, if you don’t have a car and you have to take the famous ” service”.. well it’s not gonna be a pleasant ride, that’s for sure.
And now to the bitter situation, THE VAN. The van is like a mini fast bus, that takes people from bekaa to Beirut and Vise-versa.. However The driver in these vans, is the most stupid, arrogant, ugly, with the worst taste in music.. etc etc (all bad adjectives that you can ever think of, apply in here).. And to make things worse, he is the worst driver ever, He’ll be imitating schumacher for real, he’ll be switching gears in a mad way, yet he’s so funny to watch. And each and every single van, has stupid quotes like “don’t chase me I’m engaged” or “Chase me if you want to die” or  the photo of Georges wassouf with his lyrics, written on body, or the rear window of this stupid vehicule.. And what irritates me the most, is the stupid song “tallegni ya Abdo”, that they all put during the ride, or another song that has the same rythm.. which is the worst yet the dumbest song ever existed in the history of humanity..
And last but not least, I shall not forget the normal busses that are mostly in a bad shape and you’d rather die then take a ride in these things..
Bottom line, and in my humble opinion, I think we have traffic issues  that takes over traffics in big countries, due to the bad public transportation..
And that would be my second article of my Blog.. take care! And thank you for reading.


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